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Spinal Cord Stimulation

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What is Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)?

SCS therapy can help manage chronic pain, even when other therapies have failed. SCS therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people and is:

Medical Device

SCS systems are designed to interrupt pain signals so you don’t perceive them as pain.

Safe and effective1

It’s been 50 years of ongoing innovation.2 Today’s data demonstrate 90% success.1

CE mark

SCS is a well-established, safe and drug-free pain management therapy.

How does SCS work?

SCS is leading-edge technology. Your nerves and brain are constantly communicating with each other. When you feel pain, it’s because those nerves are sending a pain signal to your brain. SCS masks the pain signals coming from your lower back or legs from reaching your brain.

Stimulator or Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG)
A small device called a spinal cord stimulator or IPG is implanted under the skin.

Thin, flexible “leads” are connected to the spinal cord stimulator and placed near specific nerves in the back.

SCS Impulses
The spinal cord stimulator or IPG sends mild pulses through the leads to the nerves.

Pain Signals
The pulses interrupt the pain signals on the way to the brain

Remote control
You can turned ON and OFF and adjusted programs. Rechargeable systems will also include a charger.

Who is SCS for?

Is SCS right for you or your loved one? If you suffer from chronic neuropathic pain, a SCS system may be the right choice. SCS therapy is often considered when medications or surgery are not an option or when the side effects of your current therapy are impacting your quality of life. SCS therapy can be personalised to deliver the lasting relief you need — where and when you need it.

It is important to understand what type of pain you have as SCS is only effective for chronic neuropathic pain. This pain is often difficult to diagnose, it can include pain in the back, limbs and feet, or a combination of different pain areas. A pain management specialist can tell you if SCS therapy may be right for you.

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Thomson SJ, Kruglov D, Duarte RV. A spinal cord stimulation service review from a single centre using a single manufacturer over a 7.5 year follow-up period. Neuromodulation. 2017;20(6):589-599. N=321.

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